City Hall parking lot will be closed tomorrow November 12th - November 11, 2019

City Hall parking lot will be closed tomorrow, November 12th for paving. [more...]


Welcome to Electric City!

Incorporated in 1950, Electric City sits on the shores of Beautiful Banks Lake and offers outstanding recreational activities like golf, fishing, boating, climbing, camping and generally enjoying the wonderful eastern Washington climate.  Located just a few miles from the Grand Coulee Dam and Lake Roosevelt numerous opportunities exist to enjoy yourself. Electric City is a beautiful place with beautiful people. 

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Notice Water Shut Offs


NOTICE Water Line Replacement Thursday October 31, 2019. The water will be shut off for residence at 103 A Palmer Ave, 103 B Palmer Ave, 111 Palmer Ave, 115 Palmer Ave, 119 Palmer Ave, 201 Palmer Ave, 211 Palmer Ave, 202 W Grand Ave, and 202 Western Ave....

Notice Water Shut Off


Water Line Replacement on Western Ave. Notice the water will be turned off on Wednesday October 30, 2019 for residence W Grand Ave, W Palmer Ave, 1 W Coulee Blvd, 5 W Coulee Blvd, 8 W Coulee Blvd, 12 W Coulee Blvd, 16 W Coulee Blvd, 36 W Coulee Blvd, and...

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The City of Electric City is now on Facebook!!  YAY!!  :) We are enjoying finding new ways to keep connected to our wonderful community, so you guys are kept informed & updated! Follow and or like our new page here: