Code Compliance

The goal of code compliance is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment for all residents of Electric City. Our code compliance officer investigates and responds to requests alleging violations to our municipal code. We strive to achieve voluntary compliance through education whenever possible. We promote open communication and transparency between City Hall and residents of Electric City.

This position is responsible for investigating the violations of and pursuing compliance to the various sections for the Electric City Municipal Code dealing with residential and commercial nuisances including but not limited to: weeds, signs, abandoned vehicles, illegal dumping, and some aspects of animal control.

Code Compliance Officer responsibilities include:

    • Responsible for the enforcement of, and citizens compliance with all of Electric City Ordinances pertaining to nuisances, including dealing with weeds, abandoned cars, grafitti, signs, and all other public nuisances described.
    • Respond to complaints from the public, assist in resolving complex and sensitive customer service issues, either personally, by telephone, or in writing.
    • Perform a diversity of clerical and administrative duties in an efficient and timely manner. Prepare reports of inspecitons and investigations.
    • Independently performs, evaluates and prioritizes citizen and agency complaints via telephone and written correspondence. Conduct on-site inspections based on personal knowledge or complaints; proactively seek our code violators within incorporated city limits. Advise and assist the general public with complex regulations governing city codes.
    • Responsible for tracking correspondence with code violators, organizing and maintaining office enforcement files and data, these files are to remain in City Hall for security purposes. These files are to include dated pictures taken at time of inspection, documentation of any and all correspondence with violator, property owner, and attorney. Create, respond and follow up all written correspondence through the city. Ensure timelines are followed and commitments are met.
    • Enforce compliance as described in Electric City Municipal Code. Responsible for testifying and providing all documentation required by attorney and/or courts as requested,
    • Perform related duties assigned by the City Clerk/Treasurer.