Records Clerk

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Tasha Enochs

Records Clerk

 Records Clerk responsibilities include:
  • Collecting, safeguarding, and storing the written and electronically recorded records of the City.
  • Creating and maintaining short and long-term records storage, retrieval, and retention systems.
  • Receives, labels, index's, classifies, and stores public records in a wide variety of formats using an array of methods and procedures.
  • Areas of assigned records responsibility may include payroll, accounting, utilities, planning, land use, development, contracts, agreements, maps, specifications, ordinances, resolutions and municipal codes.
  • Coordinates inter departmental records retention projects.
  • Responsible for researching all applicable rules and regulations concerning records retention, maintaining current knowledge of statutes and regulations pertaining to public records.
  • Performs all duties necessary to store and retrieve records, such as document scanning, computer file transfers, and data entry. Back up, copy, duplicate, or archive records as necessary using a variety of methods, including transferring documents to the Washington State Archive facility.
  • Obtains and provides records to fulfill records requests in a timely manner.
  • Although the position has a "records" focus, there will be an expectation as assigned by the Mayor or City Clerk/Treasurer that may include general clerical duties and/or special projects.

Open Records provides a mechanism for citizens to inspect or copy government records. It also provides for instances in which governmental bodies may elect to, or are required to by law, withhold government records from the public. The City of Electric City supports a transparency within our local government.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.
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