Photo Gallery

Ice Age Park Groundbreaking Ceremony September 30th 2019.   We all had such a great time... thanks again for coming out & spending your evening with us! The smiles on everyone's faces confirms just how special this much needed park is going to be for our community. Especially the little ones!

One last thank you to our wonderful Mayor, Mr. John Nordine II, our dream team council, Aaron Derr , Rich McGuire, Carol Nordine,  Lonna Bussert & Roberta (Birdie) Hensley.  Our dedicated City Administrator, Russ Powers for overseeing everything and working so hard for our city to win the grant! Our hard working city staff, Deputy Clerk Diana Parrish & Jared Armstrong and his crew for all their time & hard work. We'd also like to thank the Park/Trail Committee, Brad Parrish, Ben Palma, Cindy Greely and Clark Perman for all their work in the design and developing of the park. Another big thank you to Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office for awarding us the grant funding!!! Gray and Osborne Engineers, and SPVV Landscape Architects for helping to make this historical event a reality for our city! Thank you to the Popcorn Shoppe, H&H Grocery, Safeway, Fusion Cafe & Faith Community Church for your time and contributions.. We wouldn't have been blessed with this opportunity if it wasn't for the hard work, dedication and love for our city, from each and every one of you! The families in our community will be forever thankful!, 


You will also see the pictures the kiddos colored for our "Name the Mammoth" contest!!!  The winner gets to have the name they picked for the giant mammoth climbing toy featured somewhere special in the park!  Congratulations to Milo Desjardins...   our winner!!!!   The Mammoth play toy at the Electric City Ice Age Park will be named Milo!!!